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SELECT Medical Network Becomes St. Luke’s Health Partners

SELECT Medical Network is the name of a long-standing organization in our region that has been used for contracting with independent physicians and insurance companies – something many may know as an independent physician association or a physician hospital organization. 

But for some time, St. Luke’s has viewed SELECT Medical Network as much more than this. In fact, we are positioning SELECT Medical Network to be the delivery system in which St. Luke’s Health System and St. Luke’s Clinic will participate.  

What is a delivery system? It is all the parts of a system of care, including:

  • Physicians;
  • Other professionals, such as nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives;
  • Ambulatory care centers, such as clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging, laboratory, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sports medicine, etc.;
  • Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long-term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, home health, hospice, pharmacies, and durable medical equipment. 

Some of these components will be part of St. Luke’s, while others will not. Those that are not may participate in this delivery system in two possible ways: by being accountable for their financial and clinical outcomes, a value-based relationship, or by being a contracted entity for each service they provide via a service-based relationship.

As the Network further develops its competencies and capabilities to manage the health of populations and provide an accountable care option to our communities, we will need more independent physicians and facilities to participate, and we believe that an increasing number of them will wish to be a part of a forward-thinking delivery system focused upon meeting the needs of our population in effective, innovative, and efficient ways. We believe this is part of a sustainable and rational solution to help those populations choosing to receive their care from this delivery system, manage their health. 

Because of the name similarities between SELECT Medical Network and SelectHealth, one of our payer partners, and to stress the importance and nature of the relationship with independent physicians and facilities, we have renamed SELECT Medical Network. It is now St. Luke’s Health Partners (SLHP). 

In discussions with independent physicians and their practice administrators about potential new names, this name was the overwhelming recommendation from them. St. Luke’s name is known for caring and compassion, has been the consumer preference for more than a decade, is looked to as the healthcare provider that is Taking Care Forward through innovative care models, and is increasingly recognized as the local, state, and national quality leader, recognized as such by external third parties such as Truven Health Analytics, HealthGrades, Consumer Reports, U.S. News & World Report, and others. 

St. Luke’s Health Partners is the perfect description of how St. Luke’s, independent physicians and facilities, employers, and other stakeholders will work together to deliver health with the highest possible quality, in the safest manner, achieving the best possible outcomes, at the lowest possible cost. 

St. Luke’s Health Partners is much more than a new name. The design of this delivery system, and St. Luke’s considerable investment in its success in the form of data analytics, new programs to improve care and lower cost such as our post-acute management of care transitions, infrastructure, and soon-to-be-announced leadership structure, all are devoted to realizing the vision for St. Luke’s Health Partners and the people we serve.

On a personal note, I want to thank the visionary and passionate physicians and leaders in our region who understand how health care is evolving and the creativity and collaboration needed to ensure a safe, satisfying, and robust care environment in our region. This is not easy work. These are not easy times. I appreciate the effort being made by so many to stay ahead of the needs we see emerging. A big thank you to all involved!


  • Dear Dr. Pate,
    I hope you had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Ezekial Emanuel on The Commonwealth Club of California’s June 5 radio show, when he discussed the changes that must take place for American health care to survive. His prescription for change could have been the current blueprint for St. Luke’s as we move through the “yellow box” and into the future of population health management and becoming an ACO.
    As an RN, I hear so many negative things being said about health care these days, but I am absolutely encouraged knowing we are moving to keep people well in addition to caring for them when they are sick.
    Thank you recognizing our need for change and leading SLHS into a bright future.

  • Hi, Lani.

    Thanks so much for your comment. I did not hear that particular show, but I have listened to and read some of Dr. Emanuel’s ideas about changes that he sees coming.

    I am very pleased to hear about your perspective. I do think it is the right one. There certainly is a lot of negative talk out there, but everyone agrees things must change, and I am pleased that St. Luke’s is not waiting for Congress to fix health care. We are taking the initiative to make changes and prepare for what we know must happen to position us and our communities for success in the future.

    Thank you for your kind comment and thanks for all you do for St. Luke’s!

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