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St. Luke’s Celebrates FitOne and Community Health

At St. Luke’s, we don’t just talk about transforming health care; we walk the talk. We’re taking steps to improve the health of the people we serve. We celebrate health at all levels and stages, whether you’re new to fitness or an Olympian

Little Luke’s joins the fun at the FitOne unveiling Wednesday.

What do walk, steps, celebrate, and Olympians have to do with transforming health care through better health? 

Today, on the steps of the Idaho Capitol where it began 20 years ago, we announced the evolution of the St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration, an event St. Luke’s has supported for the past 12 years. 

The Celebration has been the largest women’s 5k walk/race in the country. We’re proud of what we have done to support women’s health and fitness. 

Celebration co-founder and Olympian Anne Audain has joined forces with St. Luke’s newest Olympian, Kristin Armstrong-Savola, and the St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration is now FitOne.

The FitOne colors fly over the Idaho Capitol.

Move for fun, get fit for life! What better way to show our commitment to improving the health of our communities?

We welcomed in FitOne yesterday with a giant hopscotch course. Coached by Armstrong-Savola, dozens of young and old participants jumped and raced their way along the course taped in front of the Capitol. Two sailors and a fireman got in the game as well!

Kristin Armstrong-Savola keeps up with the crowd!

 FitOne celebrates health and fitness and retains many of the great features of the Women’s Fitness Celebration while adding new elements, including a women’s-only 9k wave, a competitive stroller wave, and a family 5k wave (Now I can take the grandkids and we can all participate!). In 2014, a women’s-only half-marathon will be added. 

You’re not going to want to miss FitOne! You can register now at and save Saturday, Sept. 21, for this great community fitness celebration. And look for more information to come about the special events planned for the days leading up to the walk/run.

With Women’s Fitness Celebration founder Anne Audain and Kristin Armstrong-Savola, Olympic athletes and champions of community health.



  • With so many volunteer activities, it would be nice if there was a way for teams or individuals within St. Luke’s to volunteer their time during the week. These activities during work hours seem to be the areas that need the most volunteers.

  • Hi, Andy.

    There are many opportunities to volunteer at St. Luke’s, and if you will let me know what specific volunteer interests you might have, the days and times you are interested in volunteering, and what regions of the System you are interested in volunteering your services, we’ll try to get you hooked up with the right folks.

    Thanks so much for your interest in giving of your time to St. Luke’s and our communities and thanks for following the blog!

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